Who We Are

Our liquor store has been serving the South Houston area for more than 30 years with 17 of those years owned, operated and managed by the same person. Located on the corner of Beamer and Scarsdale, we provide convenient access and offer our services wholesale to local restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Not only do we offer a wide variety of spirits and liquors, but we also provide popular beers and wines. If you are having trouble carrying your purchases out, we offer curb side service to assist in loading your car.

Since we also have a lotto and lottery available, you can make it one stop shopping in getting the things you need to complete your weekend activities. In addition to the curb side services we offer, if you can’t find your favorite liquor, beer or wine, put in a request and we will order the item for you and have it ready for you within 48 hours. Our staff is friendly and we all believe in providing the customer with the best service we can offer.

The holidays are coming up and with that, our gift packs are prominently displayed for you to choose for birthdays, graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years or any other special occasions that need gifts packs. Our gift packs range from bottles with shot glasses, shakers to variety packs with the samplers of different liquors. We also have party packs such as party tubes or shots all ready to go. Finally, we offer a selection of sodas, juices, and ice. Our store is truly a one stop shop for your convenience; trust us to make your trip as easy as possible, quick and efficient and with prices that are competitive.